Chefs In Christ

Mission Statement

Chefs in Christ is a non profit ministry dedicated to serving the community through physical and spiritual food; following our Lord's example by offering encouragement through prayer and love.

Chefs in Christ began as a small operation to support men and introduce them to Christ, feeding not only their stomachs, but also their souls. Over the years CIC has expanded from supporting Bluegrass Ironmen to Catering and supporting various Men's Ministries. In 2010, we initiated the process to become a non-profit organization to support the local community,  through the serving of food and drawing men's hearts to GOD.

The Board members:

John Ward: President,

Tommy Rogers: Vice President

Gary Snyder: Treasurer

Bill North: Secretary

Hays Ellis and Brian Dingee

all have hearts and passion for GOD.

John Ward: Retired, was Project manager for WS Construction for 7 years, was also in logistics for the US military

Tommy Rogers; Is curently working at Toyota Manufactring for 25 years as a team leader.

Dr. Gary Snyder: Retired from a successful Optometry practice

Bill North: Owner of a national Business

Hays Ellis: retired worked at US Bank for 30 years

Brian Dingee: Owns small computer company, graduate of the Culinary Institute of America